48 Days!

Summer 2017 is getting close! For the last two days, PLCBC has enjoyed weather in the mid 70’s and some beautiful sunshine! In 48 days, Portage Lake Buddies will officially kick off another amazing summer at camp! Here’s 48 things for those 48 days that we can all look forward to this summer:

  1. Jesus changing the lives of campers young and old

  3. Not having to wear boots, coats, scarves, hats, mittens, a parka, twelve layers of long-johns…etc.
  4. Jerry Jacoby jokes, songs, and stories
  5. Another crazy and fun staff!
  6. Dodging the sprinklers at night

  7. Green grass, because of those sprinklers!
  8. The sound of the chapel bell
  9. Meal time line-up song prayers
  10. “Ga…ga…GA!”
  11. Jumping off the dock
  12. Worship in the chapel (it might be kinda warm in there but who cares?!)
  13. A lot of jungle themed fun! (#rooted2017)
  14. Staff skit night

  15. Braveheart
  16. Flashlight time
  17. Family camp meals
  18. The staff intro video
  19. Christmas in July!
  20. The big rally in the chapel at the end of the week

  22. Trivia with Speaker Guy Tim
  23. Hearing the sound of 175 campers singing their hearts out to God
  24. Story time with Pathfinders (in jammies!)
  25. S’mores!
  26. Cabin time
  27. Painting on the wall in Arts & Crafts

  28. Speaking of that…Tie dye Tuesday!
  29. “You can’t ride in my little red wagon…”
  30. The Dune Hike
  31. Pun wars with Tony Moon
  32. Sleeping in a sleeping bag
  34. Camper/Counselor Prayer of Blessing Wednesday morning
  35. The Talent Show!

  36. The first night campfire
  37. The smell of bug spray/sunscreen (for better or for worse!)
  38. Fireflies
  39. Getting blobbed…or doing the blobbing
  40. Gorilla Warfare
  41. Playing mixer games as a cabin to get to know each other and…
  42. …being best friends by the end of the week
  43. Getting a new camp t-shirt/sweatshirt
  44. Dance parties (planned or unplanned)
  45. Green Dragon!

  46. Sunsets (and sunrises if you’re an early bird)
  47. Flying on the zip-line, flying squirrel, or giant swing
  48. In all of it, experiencing JESUS!

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