Summer Staff

Serving on Summer Staff!


Who we are…

Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp is a community that is committed to providing a positive Christian environment for children, families, and young adults.  We believe that our unique camp setting is ideal in providing campers an opportunity not only to come and learn about God, but most importantly to experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.  It is our desire that all who come to Portage Lake are met with exciting and well organized activities, authentic fellowship, and fun!  Knowing this, we emphasize relevant messages, age-appropriate activities, and truth.  Our hope is that Portage Lake is an uplifting and integral part of each camper’s development.

Who we are looking for…

Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp is accepting applications for the 2024 summer staff. PLCBC hires around 40 men and women who are committed to ministry and service. Positions include support staff, leadership, and counseling. All staff members must be willing to jump into any role as well! Portage Lake is looking for anyone 16 and older who are hardworking, responsible, fun, and most importantly have a genuine love for God.

Our Hiring Philosophy

Portage Lake is looking for people who live a life full of love for God and for others.  We hire individuals who aim for holiness and are committed to the pursuit of truth.  We believe that a staff member’s most important characteristic is a desire to tell others of the life-changing love of Christ and their desire to serve others.

Summer Staff Positions

Program Leadership Team

Area Directors

Support Staff & Specialty Positions

Counseling Staff (~20 positions)

  • Each cabin leader will also be assigned a specialty area: lifeguarding, ropes instructor, arts&crafts, sports/athletics, etc.
  • Counselor Job Description

How to Apply

Apply by February 15th for a $150 bonus!

**Reference letters do not have to be submitted just the application and the pending references.

**Applicants must commit to the entirety of the PLBC summer season (end of May-mid August) to receive bonus.

Click here to apply online!

Submitting References

New staff applicants must have 3 types references: one academic, one spiritual, and one professional. Returning applicants are required to have 1 new reference. You may not use family members, peers or friends, anyone under the age of 18, or a current PLCBC staff member as a reference. You are responsible for contacting references and making sure they complete and submit a form. References can either fill out a form by clicking the button below, or you can share this link:

Click here for reference form!

Have any questions?

If you have any questions, please call camp at 231-889-5911.

Summer 2024 Schedule

Leadership Staff Training: May 19-26

All-Staff Training: May 28-June 13

Pathfinders: June 14-16

Senior High: June 16-21

Trailblazer 1: June 23-28

Family Camp 1: June 29- July 5

Family Camp 2: July 6-12

Junior High 1: July 14-19

Family Camp 3: July 20-26

Trailblazer 2: July 28-August 2

Junior High 2: August 4-9

Family Camp 4: August 10-14

Staff Closing: August 15-16