Portage Lake offers a variety of cabins with bunk beds varying in size, location, and accommodations.

Portage Lake can accommodate up to 250 guests. All cabins function year round and are located on the main campus of PLCBC, all within a few minutes of walking. There are other lodging options if necessary. Click below to learn more about our different cabins:

Total sleeping capacity: 40
The Lakeside Lodge is the largest cabin, with four rooms sleeping up to 10 each. Each room has one queen bed on a bottom bunk. Each room also has its own bathroom and shower. There is a common room connected to the four rooms with a sink, countertop, gas fireplace, and seating. The building is air-conditioned and has a beautiful view of the lake.
To see the inside of the lodge check out our virtual tour!

Total sleeping capacity: 72
The Retreat Center connects cabins 12 and 13. Each cabin contains six rooms that sleep up to six each. Each room has one double bed on a bottom bunk. A men’s and women’s bathroom is located across the hall, in the middle of the six rooms. The entrance of cabin 12 also holds a men’s and women’s handicap accessible restroom. 12 and 13 are connected by the “connector building,” a common room with a fireplace, couches, and plenty of space for tables and activities. Brand new bathrooms and showers have been added in a room next to the connector building.
To see the outside of the Retreat Center check out our virtual tour!

Total sleeping capacity: 24 each
Cabins 6, 7, and 8 are identical and sit near the lakeshore. Each cabin has four rooms that sleep up to six each. Each room has one double bed on a bottom bunk. There are two restrooms in each cabin with doors connected to two of the rooms.
To see the outsides of cabin’s 6, 7, and 8 and the inside of cabin 7 check out our virtual tour!

Total sleeping capacity: 16 each
Cabins 3, 4, and 5 are identical and have two rooms that sleep up to eight each. They are located within a one minute walk to restrooms and showers.

Cabins 9, 10, 14, 15, and 16

Total sleeping capacity: 6 each
Cabins 9, 10, and 14-16 each are one room and sleep up to six each. The nearest restrooms and showers are only a few minutes walk. All five cabins are next to each other and sit alongside Portage Lake.

Cabin 11

Total sleeping capacity: 8
Cabin 11 is the closest cabin to Portage Lake, about 20 yards from the shore. The cabin is one room that sleeps up to eight. One of the bottom bunks is a double bed. Cabin 11, like the other smaller cabins is a only a few minutes walk from restrooms and showers.

Total sleeping capacity: 9 
The Speaker’s Cabin is a beautiful log cabin with two bedrooms containing a double bed each, and an upstairs loft containing three twin beds and a trundle. The cabin also has a full kitchen, kitchen table, and a seating area with couches and chairs. There is one restroom with a shower. All linens and towels are provided! The cabin is reserved for the speakers of summer camps, retreats, and events. It is also used as a retreat for pastors and their families.