Outdoor Education

Adventure Learning School Program


Adventure Learning gives students the opportunity learn real life skills outside the classroom. Lessons in team building, communication, perseverance, setting goals and simply maintaining a positive attitude are all woven into activities that are hands on, safe and most of all fun! An experience at Adventure Learning allows students to interact with each other outside of school and build friendships with kids they may not usually connect with. To see a local district’s experience with Adventure Learning, watch the video below!

  • Team building mixer games
  • Team “initiatives” — activities that promote teamwork, communication, and a common goal
  • Low and High Ropes elements led by trained facilitators
  • Archery Tag
  • 9 Square in the Air
  • Free time/open gym in evenings
  • Other options are available for your group! Call camp at (231) 889-5911 to inquire about activities outside of the Adventure Learning elements

Low Elements

  • Low RopesWild Woosey
  • The Wall
  • Nitro Crossing
  • Missing Bridge
  • Spider Web
  • All Aboard
  • The Trolley
  • Squeeze Box
  • The Cube

Low Elements Benefits

  • Encourages and facilitates group development.
  • Uses the group’s creativity, leadership, trust and encouragement.
  • Improves group communication.
  • A debriefing discussion following the experience will help groups identify strengths and weaknesses

High Elements

  • Indoor and outdoor climbing wall
  • Flying Squirrel
  • Leap of Faith
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Fire Cracker
  • Giant Swing
  • Crate Stacking

High Ropes

The High Ropes Course is located 30 feet above the ground.  Each of the eight elements is constructed of cables, logs, and ropes and are designed to present a physical and emotional challenge to the participants.  After the participant finishes all the elements, they are zipped away on our zip line.

High Ropes Course Elements:

  • High RopesPostman’s Walk
  • Vine Walk
  • Hour Glass Crossing
  • Bows and Chairs
  • The Beam
  • The Trestle Walk
  • Wild Woosey
  • Zip Line

High Elements Benefits

  • The high ropes course is fun.
  • Participants are moved to greater self-confidence, physically and emotionally.
  • Learn to take calculated risks.

To see some of our adventure elements check out our virtual tour!

If you want more information or want to register your group, call Portage Lake at (231) 889-5911 or email info@portagelake.org!