Portage Lake Buddies


“Every Kid a Camper!”

That has been a priority for Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp for… well I don’t know how long exactly, but certainly for a LONG time. It’s at the heart of our ministry.

I love camp. I love how God uses every moment at camp to capture kids’ hearts. So for me, “every kid a camper” is awesome because each kid should have the opportunity to experience the community, wonder and love of Christ through camp.

For years we’ve thrown around the idea of doing a camp for kids (and adults) with special needs. We strive to meet the needs of all kids in our normal summer programs, but there are some individuals that would just not be able to attend a typical week of camp. Every kid a camper shouldn’t just be about kids with financial needs, but should be about EVERY kid! It’s been a dream of mine to do a special needs camp, but honestly I was a little intimidated. I wanted to make sure we were going to take care of these campers, give them a great experience, and properly equip and train our staff to do it all. I just didn’t know where to start!


“I trust you guys!”

At the end of last summer I was talking to a mom that has sent two of her three kids to Portage Lake for years. Her child with special needs just wasn’t able to do a week of summer camp. She and I were talking about the other special needs camps that exist and then she said to me, “I know he would love camp, but he’s just so vulnerable. I just can’t send him anywhere, even for a day. I want to send him to Portage Lake! I trust you guys and know he would be taken care of.” That was it for me! No more excuses, no more fear. Portage Lake is doing camp for kids with special needs.

(Drumroll please…) PORTAGE LAKE BUDDIES CAMP!Jerry&Elmer

June 13-15 we are inviting kids and adults, age 10-50 who, because of their physical and mental disabilities, would not be able to be campers during a normal week of summer camp. Three days and two nights are going to be full of summer camp favorites: swimming, tie-dye, talent show, campfires and even Portage Lake legend… Jerry Jacoby!  Most importantly our summer staff is so excited to serve, play with and care for their PL Buddies.

Space is extremely limited! There will be 1-2 campers per staff member. Be sure to sign your camper up soon. This is a camp that will give each camper fun experiences, new friends and great memories.

Check out the Portage Lake Buddies page for more details including the schedule and print out a registration/medical form.

-Beth Piccard, Associate Director

Beth Piccard