Parents: Stay Connected This Summer!

Summer 2017 is just days away! We hope your campers are getting excited for their weekend or week at PLCBC! Here are a few of the main ways you can stay connected with your camper’s experience throughout their time at PLCBC:


Smugmug is an awesome photo gallery site where you can check in on just about every photo taken throughout the camp session! There will still be photos posted to our Facebook page (see below), but Smugmug will be a great platform where we can upload as many photos as we can. You can access the Portage Lake Bible Camp Smugmug site by clicking below. Once you are there, you will see galleries available for each camping session this summer. Simply click the week you want to view, and check out all the amazing experiences your kiddo is having at camp!

Click here to check out PLCBC’s Smugmug page!


The Portage Lake Bible Camp Facebook page will continue to post photos (a selection from the photos found on Smugmug), videos, and updates throughout each week of camp. Make sure you “like” the page, and you can even “subscribe” to the page to get notifications during the week your child is at camp! We will also occasionally be doing some fun live videos where you can see what’s going on at PLCBC right as it happens.

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Instagram and Twitter

There will be daily posts of what is happening at camp all summer long! Make sure you follow us on these accounts and get excited for a constant stream of photos and videos! And remember, if you are a family camper, or dropping your camper off and want to use the hashtag #rooted2017, others will be able to check out what is going on during summer 2017 at Portage Lake!

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The Blog

Head back here to the blog on to get some updates, deeper insight, and experiences not only from year round staff members, but also counselors and other summer staffers! This is an awesome way to get more detail about the things going on each week of camp, and to get some insight from the awesome young people who are leading your kids all week long. We will be posting weekly and will let you know via Facebook when new blogs come out!


It’s not just for the kids! Follow us (username: portagelake) and follow along with camp’s story every day! Connor and Jessica, our media team, as well as Erik and Linnea, the program team, will be snapping all week long, showing all the fun, crazy, silly, and serious moments of the week! Get ready for some fun filters as well!


The weekly highlight videos will not be posted online until later this year, but as fun and silly videos are made by our creative media team, we will share them on camp’s YouTube channel! Check it out from time to time and see what’s going on at camp! There are also some great information videos on there, like a guide for first time parents, as well as this video explaining some updates to the registration process! Check it out!

Click here to check out the PLCBC YouTube Channel!

We understand it can be tough sometimes to have your kids away for an entire week, but we hope these channels can help you feel connected to their experiences from afar! We are so excited to continue to share all the incredible things Jesus does at PLCBC, so get excited to get a glimpse of the Kingdom at work as we get ROOTED in His love!