Contemplative Retreat

Contemplative Retreat

When: April 26-28, 2024
Where: Portage Lake Bible Camp
Cost: Shared Room: $140
Private Room: $160

Speaker: Jennifer Andersson and Keith Foisy

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Along our lifelong spiritual walk with the Lord, we may periodically find ourselves in the wilderness. For some, the wilderness is sparse and barren; unsettling and full of questions; and perhaps lonely. We long to find life and sustenance. At this year’s contemplative retreat, we will walk with God and with one another as we explore the Wandering, discover the Wonder, and offer Welcome in the midst of the Wilderness. Wherever you find yourself on your walk, this retreat will give you life-giving space to also simply be – to be with yourself in a more intentional way and with the Holy Spirit who journeys with you.

We hope you will join us.

Friday, April 26th

3-5:30pm        Check in/Registration

6:00pm           Dinner

7:30pm           Opening Session in the chapel

8:30pm          Silent bonfire at welcome center, conversational bonfire at cross

Saturday, April 27th

8:30am           Breakfast

9:30am           Morning session in the chapel –

10am-12pm     Individual quiet time with God– journaling, rest, contemplative practices,

12pm               Lunch

1-6pm              Individual quiet time with God –

Contemplative options around camp

➢    Central area for resources handouts (Welcome Center)

➢    Responding with art (Connector building)

➢    Chapel (contemplative music playing and prayer practices handouts)

➢    Scheduled 1:1 meetings with Spiritual director (2:00 3:00, 4:00)

6:00pm           Dinner

7:30pm           Evening session in the chapel

8:30pm           Bonfires around camp for contemplation

–       Bonfire at Welcome Center silent

–       Bonfires at Cross for conversation

Sunday, April 16th

8:30am           Breakfast

9:30am           Closing Session in the chapel

11:00am          Pack up and return home