The Double Up Discount!

The camp experience is life-changing, fun, impactful, and meant to be shared! God does incredible things through the ministry of PLCBC, and we want to ensure the invitation of camp is open to every family who is looking for their child to have a meaningful experience this summer where they can thrive. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce a new referral system called…

The Double Up Discount is designed to encourage families to invite friends and “double up” the campers who will be experiencing camp! It also is a way to make camp more affordable so that all can feel welcomed to register for camp. Here’s how it works:

  • If you refer a friend or friends to register their child for any kids camp this summer, you BOTH receive a $25 discount on registration!
  • You receive an additional $25 for every referral ($50 if two campers register on your referral, $75 if three register…etc.)

How do you receive the discount?

When you register online: At the beginning of registration, either add the name of the person you are referring OR the person who referred you (so we know who is inviting who!). Then at checkout use the discount code: DoubleUp18

When you register with a hard copy form: Call (231) 889-5911 after you’ve sent in your registration and we can take your information!

It’s that easy!

This summer at PLCBC is going to be incredible, and we want the invitation to be spread in your churches, schools, and communities so that all can experience the love of Christ at Portage Lake this summer!

Click here to register for summer! 

How do I Invite a Friend to Camp?

Click below to watch Nick (and Nick) show the basics of inviting a friend to camp!