Graduating from PLCBC University

People have been asking me if I am retiring from camp leadership and I am now responding that I am graduating from camp as a rich and thankful man.  Over the past 24 summers I have had the privilege of attending the University of PLCBC. What started out as an adventure in following God to northern Michigan has evolved into an education in faith and growth.  A love story that brought Kristen, my kids and I into the family of camp and changed our lives forever. You are all are so much more than guests and customers to me – you are indeed my faith family. Some of the things I have learned at the PLCBC University:

  1. How to have faith in God’s carefully crafted plans for my life (even if they lead me away from extended family and into places unknown).
  2. How to share the gospel in front of others at camp, at churches and anywhere God desires.  (This scared me to death before.)
  3. The joy that comes from serving others.  (No matter how difficult the work is.)
  4. That I don’t control the weather (no matter how much I pray!)
  5. About the rich diversity of faithful followers of Christ (across the entire political spectrum, cultural spectrum and racial spectrum).
  6. Lessons about faith and life from thousands of campers of all ages.
  7. Life and ministry lessons from our amazing pastors and youth leaders.
  8. How a community can help to raise my children to love God and others.
  9. How over 1,400 young staff members could change the lives of campers, the world and me.
  10. That God is never done working out His plans as we seek His kingdom first.
  11. That there is no place like Portage Lake, and that indeed there is a “thin place” between heaven and camp.  I will always be a Portage Laker and have been indelibly marked by this wonderful place.

Thank you and I’ll see you around!

– Dave Nesburg

Dave has currently moved into a fund development role part time to continue working on our Dining Hall “Feeding 5000” capital campaign.