Lessons from Breathe

Everything I need to know about motherhood, I learned from Breathe

Ok, maybe that’s not totally true, but I have gotten to know other moms, heard their stories and saw what it looks like to be a faithful, encouraging mom. I have two kids, Norah (2) and Luke (11 months). A lot of days I feel like I’m making up this whole “being a mom” thing, but I do know a couple things. Here are some things I’ve learned from being involved with the Breathe Retreat over the years…

1. No Mom Guilt!

Norah eats Jiff peanut butter and they both wore disposable diapers. If it were up to me I would wear leggings every day. And that’s ok!

2. This too Will Pass

It’s not so much bad days and good days as it is bad and good moments. The temper tantrums, the blowouts, those moments will pass. Just breathe and get through them. 

3. Each family and each child is different

Homeschool, public school or private school. One hour of screen time or 5 hours. A parent staying home, day care or a nanny. Traveling sports team, competitive dance team or marching band. There’s no mold for a happy, faithful family.Norah and Luke

4. To be a great mom, I have to take care of myself

Spiritually – it’s important to take the time to read the Bible and just to be in God’s presence. Physically – I need to sleep! It feels good to get outside for a long walk or bike ride. Emotionally – sometimes I just need to watch You’ve Got Mail and sometimes I trip to Target (which is especially a treat living in Onekama). Socially – time with friends keeps me sane.

5. God loves my kids so much more than I do

Sometimes I feel that controlling mom bubbling up in me, but I just remember that God cares for them and loves them so much more than I can imagine. I trust that He is in control of their lives. (But that’s still easier to say that to live by.)

There’s a campfire song called Deep & Wide
Deep and wide, deep and wide
There’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.
When I think of the Breathe Retreat, I often think of this song. It’s a weekend that’s filled with encouragement and rest in a deep way: powerful speakers, great advice, real community. But it’s also wide: good food, coffee, fun activities, shopping and a lot of laughter.

Here are somethings I’m particularly excited about for this year’s retreat…

Speakers Marti Burger and Melissa Wall – a mother/daughter speaker team. How cool!Trifle Jars

Show from MacBeth & Co. – Literally the best place in the area for cute things for your home, your kids and yourself!

Workshops with food blogger Sheila Johnson – Long time Portage Laker Sheila will give tips, recipes and encouragement on getting your family around the table.

The food! – Our cooks pull out all the stops this weekend, starting with appetizers on Friday night and delicious meals all weekend.

Mason Jar Night – Saturday night we will be making crafts, home decor and eating desserts out of mason jars.

Fun! – The Breathe Retreat has a different feel than any other weekend of the year. It is just so fun!

No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, please join us for the Breathe Retreat. Be filled in a deep way, and in a wide way. Stuff yourself with delicious food that you don’t cook or have to clean up after. Stay up late giggling and sleep past 7am. Laugh so hard you may pee a little. Take some time for you! Join us March 11-13 for a weekend that is different than any other retreat.

-Beth Piccard, Associate Director

Beth Piccard