Only 30 Tickets Left!

Are you coming to the very first Portage Lake Bible Camp Gala? If not, here are 10 reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this incredible event!gala

  1. It’s like Family Camp – only shorter and no kids
  2. We’re having (wait for it…) Green Dragon for dessert!!!
  3. Reconnect with old & new camp friends. (Not saying you’re old either!)
  4. See & hear about how God continues to use Portage Lake Bible Camp. And get an update on the plans for the future Dining Hall.
  5. Get to see Dave Nesburg wear a Bowtie – really, we’re serious!Jerry&Elmer
  6. You’ll be serenaded by Jerry & Michaela Jacoby during dinner. Elmer the chicken might even make an appearance!   But watch out, Elmer tends to have a crush on someone at camp. Will it be you??
  7. You can bid on some awesome auction items and raise money to support camp’s current needs and be part of the Launch Team of the new Dining Hall. Will you be the top bidder and win a custom PLCBC bags game? How about the Red Wings Experience? Arcadia Bluffs? What about the Shrimp Boil Poolside for 8? Condo on Lake Michigan? Need we say more? What will you go unnamedhome with??
  8. Are you Smarter than a Trailblazer? Test your real knowledge of camp with table trivia. You could win a prize from our mobile Canteen. Yes, you heard us…we are going to have a Canteen! (Don’t tell your kids ☺)
  9. Celebrate God’s faithfulness by worshipping together with over 215 friends who love the Lord and the ministry of Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp.
  10. Carry On the Legacy into future generations with your financial support and prayers!

Oh yeah, when you come to the Gala, we have an awesome gift just for you! In fact, it’s the first time camp has ever had one of these available.

It’s going to be a great evening and we hope that you will be a part of it! Get your tickets today by calling camp at (231) 889-5911.To learn more and download an RSVP form, click here! Can’t wait!

-Kim Theeuwes
Gala coordinator, lifelong Family Camper, mother of kids’ campers & summer staff member, PLCBC super fan