The Pathfinder Bonus!



11429440_687503238017224_1240136459636389265_oPathfinders, our weekend camp for 2nd and 3rd graders that begins and ends each summer, is an awesome way for young kids to experience camp for the first time! Jerry Jacoby is the speaker, fun and games are planned all weekend long, and the campers are always with their trained, Christian counselors dedicated to giving them an incredible experience. This summer we want more Pathfinders than ever before to have their life impacted by the joy and love of Jesus Christ. To make this happen, we need your help, PLCBC community! Yes, that’s you!

The Pathfinder Bonus

10644356_687501248017423_26834347767459366_oThe best way for new families and campers to learn about Portage Lake is for you, their friends, to tell them all about it! We know you love and trust Portage Lake as a place where your child will experience Christ in new and awesome ways, so it only makes sense to pay it forward to friends and family! This summer, if you refer a friend to either Pathfinders 1 or 2, you or your camper will receive a $5 bonus to their cash card! That’s HUGE! Cash cards can be used during the week at the canteen (perhaps the biggest highlight for your camper), Arts & Crafts, and even the camp store. Not convinced? Here are a few things that $5 dollars can look like at Portage Lake:
Laffy Taffy

  • 4-6 pieces of candy
  • 5 Peace Teas
  • A shirt to tie-dye
  • A pair of Portage Lake sunglasses
  • A decal with the NEW camp logo
  • 60, that’s right, 60 Laffy Taffys!!
  • And lots more!

Obviously, the value of this bonus is not in the free candy consumed or the awesome new sunglasses worn, but in the fact that a new camper is coming to Portage Lake to have an incredible experience with their friends, their counselors, and The Lord. The value of camp is priceless!

How it Works

If you refer a friend to either Pathfinder camp this summer, here’s what you do!

  1. Call the camp office at (231) 889-5911 and give us the name of the camper you referred
  2. When that camper registered, your account will be credited $5 towards your camper’s cash card!

It’s that easy! Pathfinders can be the best weekend in a child’s summer, so let’s share it with everyone we can!