Pathfinders: The weekend so nice we made it twice!

For as long as I can remember, our Pathfinders camp has been one of the first sessions of the Portage Lake summer. It wasn’t until last summer that it was also our last session of the summer. DSC_0170If it was our first AND last session of the summer, does that mean last summer was only one weekend long?? Of course not–Pathfinders is so good we had to make a second session!

The spirit of Pathfinders camp can be found in its name. Throughout the weekend we search for many different paths: the sneakiest path to the hidden flag, the fastest path to the canteen line, the coolest path to the campfire to name a few. Rather than following a prescribed list, we find adventure in the discovery of these new paths!DSC_0112

What makes these weekends so special is the difference of one single letter: S. As a Pathfinder, we would have to explore and discover all on our own. But as Pathfinders we experience, learn, and grow together! Every meal, every game, every chapel, we search together with the peers in our cabin and with the guidance of our amazing counselors. As your pathfinder asks the deepest questions on life’s most important journey, know that they will have a trained Christian leader paying attention to them, answering their questions, and adventuring with them all weekend long!

As we look ahead to Summer 2016 we cannot wait for the awesome opportunities to adventure and discover Christ’s love for us together at Pathfinders 1 & 2!

To learn more and register today, check out our Pathfinders page!

-Peter Ek, Program Director

Peter Ek