2021 Summer Schedule



Summer 2021

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Grades based on entering the 2021-22 school year

Trailblazer 1 (grades 4-6): June 13-19

Senior High (grades 10-12, and 2021 graduates): June 20-26

Family Camp 1: June 27-July 3

Family Camp 2: July 4-10

Junior High 1 (grades 7-9): July 11-17

Family Camp 3: July 18-24

Junior High 2 (grades 7-9): July 25-31

Trailblazer 2 (grades 4-6): August 1-7

Pathfinders (grades 2 & 3, 4th grade optional): August 8-10

Labor Day Anniversary Celebration: September 3-6




A Note Regarding Summer 2021 Dates:

At this time, we are planning to host campers and families for Summer 2021. Please know that we are doing everything possible to deliver a memorable Portage Lake experience while keeping everyone safe from COVID-19. This means acting in accordance with state and local guidelines along with CDC recommendations. It also means that this year, ALL camps will be six days long (Sun-Sat). This includes Family Camps. Allowing for one full day between camps gives the staff time to clean our facilities, make adjustments should health concerns arise, and communicate our decisions. Thank you in advance for your understanding and grace as we navigate these challenges.

A Note Regarding Camp Numbers:

This summer, our capacity for each kids camp has been lowered to 140* campers per week. This number is set based on recommendations from the CDC and the ACA (American Camp Association), also taking into account the spaces and staff we will have available. That being said, we recommend that you register your camper(s) SOON to make sure you reserve your spot!

* This number may change as guidelines and restrictions develop in the coming months.

Summer 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

Given the health concerns of COVID-19, is it safe to send my child to camp?

Yes! Portage Lake Bible Camp’s top priority has always been the overall safety of your camper! As we did throughout this past summer, we will be in close contact with local health workers and closely follow local and state guidelines.

What is Portage Lake doing to keep their staff and campers safe?

We are planning for regular summer gatherings with a few adjustments. For our youth camps – Pathfinders, Trailblazers, Junior High, and Senior High camps – we are currently planning to hold camps at a lower capacity and with additional safety precautions in place. We will perform temperature checks upon arrival, as well as ask parents to log their camper’s temperature and symptoms for two weeks prior to check in. We will isolate campers and staff who may become sick or develop symptoms and administer rapid COVID tests on site with parent permission. Meals are served in two meal groups to prevent overcrowding in the Dining Hall, and we have a registered nurse on site during our kids camps.

Will you contact me if my child gets sick or is a close contact to someone who tests positive for COVID-19?

Yes, and we will strive to do so in a timely manner. As in summers past, when you register your camper, we require parent and emergency contact information in the event we need to contact you about your child. We will have a nurse on site each week, and we will contact you in regard to your campers health as is deemed appropriate by our staff.

How will campers have fun and participate in games and activities while following COVID-19 safe guidelines?

We will enjoy big games, the waterfront, ropes activities, crafts, sports, and more! Most of these activities take place outside with the exception of indoor ropes, arts & crafts (which has an open garage door), and sports and games in the Gym. Indoor activities typically only happen when there is inclement weather.

What about cabins? 

Campers will only be in their cabins when they’re sleeping, during rest hour, and during cabin clean up in the morning. They will spend most of their time outside!

Will my child be required to wear a mask?

We are following the guidelines from our licensing organizations, LARA and ACA. At this time, campers will not be required to wear a mask at any time. We will adjust this requirement accordingly based on regulations given to us LARA and ACA. If a camper prefers to wear a mask at any point, they are welcome to do so!

Does my child need to quarantine/be tested/vaccinated before they arrive at camp?

We will not require a test or a vaccine prior to arrival at camp this summer. For the safety of all participants and our staff, we are going to ask that to the best of your ability your child quarantines for two weeks prior to their arrival upon camp. Along with temperature and symptom monitoring, this will help mitigate the potential presence of sickness.

My question wasn’t answered! How do I get more information?

We continue working towards the safest way to bring your kids a rich camp experience. With the ever changing landscape of information, regulations, and access to COVID solutions, we acknowledge that we do not have all of the answers at this point. But, if there are any further questions you may have, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. The two best ways to contact Portage Lake is by calling our office at (231) 889-5911 or email us at info@portagelake.org