The Easiest Decision

I have wonderful memories of the summers I spent as a counselor at a Christian camp in Michigan’s upper peninsula.  Not only did I have a fantastic time but it was foundational for me spiritually as well.  When I had children of my own I really hoped for the same for them.  Fortunately, my church has a long-standing relationship with PLCBC and introduced me to the camp.  I have been thrilled with all that my son and daughter have experienced there.  I was a little nervous dropping off my 3rd grade son for 2 – TWO – overnights!  Mom-jitters.  But the check in procedure, staff welcome, counselor greeting all put me so at ease.  I felt completely reassured that my “little boy” was in good hands and I could not wait to hear about all his adventures.

Since that initial exposure to PLCBC, camp is now a non-negotiable.  Both of my kids have not only had some of the “most fun ever” there, they’ve had a safe and nurturing environment to stretch their independence.  However, I am most excited about the spiritual growth I’ve observed in them following their times at camp.  It’s one thing for them to hear a gospel message from their parents or a Sunday School teacher – but so powerful for them to see it and hear it and live it with a Kingdom-focused staff and speakers.  Sending them to PLCBC is the easiest decision I make each summer.

Jeanine Holquist, Mom of Langston and Violet



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