Welcome to the New!

Welcome to the new! We hope you’ll find the site as easy, fun, and cool as ever. Over the last few months, we have been reworking camp’s brand to better fit our style and mission. We are thrilled with the result! Here are some of my personal favorite things about camp’s new “look”:

A New LogoPL-Logo-vert-RGB

It started with the old, classic three pines, moved to the logo affectionately known as “The P,” and now we have a new logo to represent camp. This logo IS Portage Lake! I love that it captures the tradition of camp with the three pine trees, while keeping a simple, new look. Another awesome feature is the cross in the center of it all. Portage exists to impact every life for Christ, and we couldn’t think of anything better to have in the center of the image. And are those hills or a Bible under the trees? It’s both! We were even intentional in having our title be colored blue to represent our beautiful lake. All in all, I believe the logo is fresh, energetic, and great at acknowledging not only our future and past, but also the core reason Portage Lake exists. And how sweet is it gonna look on a sticker or t-shirt?!

Big Images

Nothing tells camp’s story better than the images captured throughout the summer and various retreats and events throughout. When you log in to, almost the whole screen is a photo! These “sliders” are not only the dominant part of the home page because they gain attention, but it adds simplicity to the overall look of the page. I’m excited to see what faces and activities scroll past

A Natural VibeWebsite butons

One of the best parts of camp is the beautiful, natural setting it is in (as modeled in our sweet new logo!). I love that the website pays homage to that. When you are on the site, you know nature is valued. God created such a beautiful place, and I love that this website is all about that. The wood-ring patterns, the color scheme, and even the fonts that are used perfectly capture the natural element of Portage Lake.

Eazy Peazy!

Not that the old site was confusing, but this update is SO simple! Everything is easier to access. Your account is only a click away, the blog can be found right on the home page as well, and everything just looks cleaner overall. Whether you are a camper who comes to camp every chance you get, or a new group looking to host a retreat, this website makes things as easy as possible!

Mobile Compatible

Perhaps the most useful thing about this update is that now our website is much more mobile friendly! If you’re anything like me, you do everything from your phone. When you log into from your smartphone you feel like you are opening an app! Everything is stacked and organized, the interface is simple and understandable, and the menu is very user friendly. Go ahead, try it!

Like all things, it may take some time to get used to, but we are excited to see how this new look for PLCBC will allow us to connect, serve, and impact every life for Jesus Christ. Enjoy!

– Luke Johnson, Marketing Intern

Luke Johnson