Portage Lake Origins: A new blog series!



Ever wonder where certain things at camp come from?


There are TONS of games, structures, adventure challenges, and traditions that make PLCBC the place that it is today, and we want to find out more about where they came from! About once a week, Portage Lake staffers, campers, and other guest contributors will be picking something around camp that interests them, and find out where its “Portage Lake Origins!” Some of these things may be Portage Lake originals, others may have come from other camps, churches, or places. Hopefully together we will begin to find out just where some of those things that make camp, camp came from!

Feel free to send us messages via social media, email, or real mail (if you dare!) and let us know some areas you think we should look into, and hopefully we can piece some things together! Get ready to have fun, learn a little bit (or a lot a bit), and understand how things at camp became things at camp!

Upcoming Topics

Get excited for some posts about these things in the next few weeks!

Happy learning!