My Camp Story

  Jess, Jordan, Andrew, Tony, Anthony, Du, Wes, Jacob, Nick, Michael, Devin, Quinn… While those are just a few names that might not mean anything to you, they are names that mean the world to me. That is because these are the names representing counselors and leaders I have had every year while being a Read More

Why Camp?

There are a lot of reasons why an experience at Portage Lake is valuable to your child, or maybe even you! We asked parents of campers for some of the top reasons they want their kids to experience camp summer after summer, and here are the top five things reasons “why camp” is an experience that’s worth it: 1. Spiritual Read More

48 Days!

Summer 2017 is getting close! For the last two days, PLCBC has enjoyed weather in the mid 70’s and some beautiful sunshine! In 48 days, Portage Lake Buddies will officially kick off another amazing summer at camp! Here’s 48 things for those 48 days that we can all look forward to this summer: Jesus changing Read More

Share Your Camp Story!

  Send In Your Stories! The power of an experience at camp can be life-changing. For over 70 years, Jesus Christ has impacted lives at Portage Lake Bible Camp in incredible and incredibly different ways. If you love camp and have had an experience (or experiences) you want to share, we would LOVE to hear your story! Read More

Questions from First Time Parents

  Sending your child to camp is a huge decision! At PLCBC, we understand the commitment, trust, and concern that comes with sending a child away for a weekend or week-long camp experience. If you, or someone you know, has any questions or concerns about the camp experience, especially for young children, watch this video, or Read More